OH! Ooh! Ow!

I did it.  I unpacked the kiln this morning, look.


Two shelves full of 48th, which is only a particular number of dolls when you start to match them up and see how many left legs you have for a certain doll, for example.

The shelf at the top is jointed dolls, where there are two holes in the body and the arms and legs are wired on.  The shelf at the bottom is the wired dolls in which the torso has a big hole at the waist and is hollow and has holes for the arms and the half arms and legs are also hollow.  Here’s a closer look at each.



And then the idiot Jane did something really stupid that anyone with a metal arm should not do.  Yup, I did.  I grit scrubbed the lot.

Mid way through the afternoon I began to feel very odd.  I thought I must be coming down with flu.  Everything ached.  My shoulders hurt so much I could have sat and cried, I didn’t because I don’t and then half way through the evening I had the brilliant idea of taking some painkillers.  I have some morphine left if it is so bad I cannot sleep.  I am a total idiot.

But, you know what?


Die Hard in a dirty vest, banana up the nose, but I did it.

Someone at a show many years ago expressed the opinion that making dolls must be a dainty occupation suitable for a lady.

And the rest.


70th show in the spring.

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