A bit of bad news.

I’ve started the year with a bit of bad news and we haven’t even got the first week over yet.

I’ve got cancer.

The results of the exploratory surgery came back, now I have to have an MRI scan on Monday to get an idea of the extent of the damage.  I will then have a hysterectomy either in the local hospital or a more specialist one.  After that it’s a step at a time.

I really must stop blogging how wonderful Miniatura will be because it looks as if I won’t be there again.

If all is going according to plan I’ll have the surgery within a fortnight.  And I can still only get my right arm halfway up.  And having just got use of my car back I won’t be able to drive again.

This is undoubtedly the result of all the stress supplied by my mother and the OH, who is still insisting there’s nothing wrong with him and anyway he’s cut back.

So I’m looking forward to six weeks of his post operative care again.

I will ask once why me?  But I know, it’s because I stick with stressful people.

Anyway, I’ll blog if and when I can.  You keep reading.  I’ll be here, you’ll be there.  Same old.


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