Fairy houses

I thought you might like to see what I am taking to the show.


Lit and decorated with Graphic 45 papers.

There are two fairy houses.  Although they are in mushrooms I have done flat wall room dividers, so you can have fireplaces, or stoves or anything else that needs a flat wall.

I was originally going to offer them as a shell and then I realised that the strange nature of the structure would make them difficult to decorate once the roof was on, difficult to light too without the wires showing, and also hard to curtain.  So I have done all the tricky bits, you just have to furnish, fairy and fly in.


There’s a green one and


a purple one.

Both have insides and outside toilets.


and wells and chimneys and also and early warning system of eyes on the roof, which I reckon you need if your house is likely to be picked and eaten.

And they and all the usual suspects (who I am just busy packing now) will be at Miniatura with me this weekend.  See you there!


They don’t come with a pencil, that’s to show non-miniaturists the size. (24th scale to you and me.)

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