Don’t go shopping.

There’s a thing you won’t often hear a retailer say.  Please don’t go shopping here.

It’s a bit unusual, even online where strange things happen.  There are a couple of online retailers who have my email address and if I go and just have a look on their site they will then follow me back to my email and ask me why I haven’t bought anything.  This horrible trend started long ago with a famous plant company who didn’t have what I wanted but kept my money ‘against my next purchase’, needless to say I have not been back and tell their name to all gardeners I talk to.

But here I don’t want you to buy anything.

This weekend we went to see the S&H in his new house, taking three computers in a suitcase. One was the one with the novel on it because your idiot blogger could not manage to extract an extract but kept putting the whole thing on the memory stick. Der.

The second was the old computer for the S&H to extract the hard drive and see if any of the photos of the grandchildren could be salvaged.  This is a strong case for actually printing them off and sticking them in an album.  I did start doing this and then wavered slightly because each page was so flipping clever with pull-outs and pop-ups and 3D this and that it was taking several days a page.

The third was the new machine to have more details of this website added including the bit where, when you buy something, PayPal sends me notification so I know who to send it to. Setting this up requires a password.

Yes, well, passwords.

How do you remember yours? The OH keeps changing his because it is recommended and then forgetting them because he is knocking on.  There have been many telephone conversations in which he gives the listener the choice of all of his passwords, which I can’t help feel is not quite the security one is after, at all.

I put all of those pertaining to the website setting up in a file but there are lots and, of course, visiting the S&H I naturally took the wrong ones.  So please do not buy anything, I will not know you have done so at all.  I’ll tell you when it’s safe to do so. There might be a sale, I don’t know it all depends if the book finds a publisher, if it does I might be busy. 

Meanwhile, do not go shopping here, just read the nice free words, thank you.


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