Whooshoo, der.

The rash turned out to be a viral thing going round the local hospital. I have just got over it and now I am sneezing.  On Thursday I have an MRI scan, following an outpatients visit, which comes under the heading of Just Checking.

Oh it’s all occurring.

In the middle of this I am trying to get some of the decks cleared for action.  The plumber has to come and redo the central heating ahead of the builder moving in, probably until Christmas.  He says it will all be over by Christmas, but that’s what they said about the First World War.  One of the first things the builder will do is to demolish the wall to which the boiler is attached.  Like Father William we grow old and cannot do without the central heating, so now, in what is theoretically the summer, the plumber will re route the heating pipes, put a new combination boiler in the airing cupboard upstairs, saw the water tank in the loft in half, having, I very sincerely hope, emptied it first and remove the bits, leaving a new space to accumulate junk in the loft.

In advance of all of this I am trying to make the Christmas cards to avoid sending cards with a light dusting of builder’s rubble this year.  33 made, 37 to go.  Then I have to start clearing the garage.  This would be fine were it not for the fact that the gardening equipment, which is what I’m clearing, needs to go out into my writing shed and it hasn’t stopped raining for days.

I am going to put the kilns in the lounge.  If you come for tea and find two new unusual tables with handles, say nothing. Then there are the bats.  Not cricket or pipistrelle, kiln bats, which are removable shelves,.  And pit props.  These are not pit props really, it’s just what I call the variety of ceramic shapes used for stacking the shelves and the wares, in the kiln.  I have not yet decided where to put five or six laundry baskets of moulds.  I have agreed with the builder that the wardrobe full of buckets of slip can be moved into the centre of the garage and they can work round it, with a tarpaulin over the top in case it rains because the garage will no longer have walls or a roof.

And I am hoping the MRI scan reveals nothing untoward because I have a week after it to do all this lot if the rain continues now.

Did I say it was all going on?  It is but actually I don’t give a fig because I have started, after months of planning and plotting (literally) to write the next book.

Life is behaving like buses again. Nothing for months and then several all at once.

Whooshoo. Excuse me.  Der.


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