Pouring over my work.

I’m sorry if the postings are getting a bit late in the day.  It’s work with a capital erk at present.  I spent the last two days doing this:


which doesn’t look like much at all, certainly not like something that kept me up till midnight two nights running, covered every surface in the kitchen and made the carpet worse, if such a thing is possible.  However, once you see the scale of it:


and realise that every piece has to be poured, topped up, allowed to go solid, demoulded without breaking, pierced, cut, separated (for fingers) have hooks embedded (for hands and feet) or otherwise be dealt with and that’s only in the wet clay because some of it has to happen again in the greenware, then it does look like the work it was.

I’m only part way through this batch too.  Oddly this could be characterised as mass production because it’s all done in moulds but as you can see, this is the sort of mass production that actually means one at a time.

The really crazy thing, well two really crazy things, are that I once worked out I’m doing this all for 70p an hour (but only if I sell them, otherwise it’s free) and I’m doing it all in an open plan house.  Genius that I am I turned an open plan house into a factory and then wondered why we couldn’t sell it for ten years.

That’s it for now, I’m off to pour some more and improve the shining hour of the so-called kitchen carpet.

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