Thank you so much to everyone who emailed, concerned for my health.  In the avoidance of hospitals, whilst having copious problems at either end of my digestive tract, due to two year old post surgical adhesions, I have just been taking my time to recuperate.  Thank goodness for energy drinks.

Pottering around, I have finally been putting the garage back together. The OH was helping but keeps getting dizzy spells, so I am carrying one gallon of porcelain slip at a time from my shed into the garage.  This carries with it the promise of proper activity in the near future.  Well, fairly nearish future.

We still have decorating to do in massive amounts.  The hall stairs and landing is still bare plaster, the dining room is still a tip, the lounge looks like the set off Steptoe and Son, there are still holes I fall into every time I come out of a door and there is still a skip on the drive.


The day before yesterday I managed to clear the kitchen floor.  What a joy it is to have a kitchen floor.

For six months we have had an obstacle course made up of mountains of paint tins, boxes full of implements, boxes full of cleaning stuff and mops, boxes full of shopping bags, bags being disinfected and so on and so forth and buckets and bags full of builder’s biscuits.  Finally I cleared them and saw the floor.*

It was filthy, never mind corona, it was amazing we didn’t get plague.

So, regardless of the fact that I just have, I am not going to do a posting, or the room box until the rain begins (Tuesday) because the sun is shining and I have a shed to empty and in there, if memory serves, is all my gardening stuff and my moulds, which are all the things that make life worthwhile.

I want to do big fairies.

Actually I have to do big fairies, I just need to.  All this creativity has been stuck behind my fingernails while I paid other people to make stuff.  Now, like a force of the universe, regardless of intestines, or double vision, it is bursting to get out.

So, I’m off in the sunshine to empty my shed.


*Of course, if you never collected stuff you would never have these problems.  But then, if you never collected stuff, you probably wouldn’t be reading this.

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