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A big hello to new readers who have found me through the AIM directory.  You’ll find all the dolls by clicking on the shop button to the right.  More pages can be found by scrolling down each page and clicking on a number.  Each selected item in the shop has icons at the foot of the picture which will zoom the image, move it around and return it to the original size; some of the dolls are under two inches tall – you can see them with the zoom tool better than you could if they were in your hand.  There is secure ordering with PayPal and plastic cards.  I send items recorded, the postage does not reflect the recent rise in postal costs; I will try to hold it as long as possible.  I will email you the tracking details so you can watch for your order arriving.  Postal charges are per parcel based on the weight of the heaviest item.

In the shop you will find information about the way in which these original artist porcelain dolls are made.  If you wish to go through the steps of a practice order, it is safe to do so, you have not ordered anything until you see a disclaimer notice about the unsuitability of these dolls for children.  Each item in the shop is unique; when ordered by you it disappears from the shelves.

On this page, in the blog, the archives contain eight month’s worth of writing at the rate of at least three entries a week.  You can select topics or find entries by month.  There’s funny writing, items about dolls and about Miniatura, the doll’s house and miniature art show, and much more.  You can receive alerts to postings which are usually on Monday, Wednesday and Friday mornings (in the UK).  Please email me if there’s anything you’d like to say, if you have questions about dolls or ‘how to’ postings.  Some of the postings are written as playlets, some are show reports or previews and so on,  you’ll discover more if you scroll right back to the start of a strand of writing.

The purpose of this site is to provide a shop at home facility for collectors who can’t get to the fairs at which I exhibit and for those who can.  It’s also to promote international friendship and enjoyment of miniature art, to lighten your day and put a smile on your face.  So welcome new reader, I hope you’ll be glad you found me.

JaneLaverick.com – a cheerful loop of the net.

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