Fighting force

My heart, I find, is full of darkness,
My head is edge to edge with night
When will this lengthy tunnel pass us
When dawns the day to see the light?

I find the figures so depressing
Why do they read them every day?
How does it help the people left here
To know how many passed away?

This is a war and we are fighting
Kitted out in many ways,
Face masks, gloves and sanitising
For rifles, we have Dettol sprays.

Instead of trenches we have shielding
In our fox holes, hunkered down
Between each dug-out, virtual reaching –
The world becomes a global town.

Under siege from the infection
We keep on, we won’t give in
Through microbial insurrection
We will fight and we will win.

Yet another lockdown was announced this week, where I live.  I am fighting back with the community library, a  book donation holiday during the lockdown and a new jigsaw exchange.*

But, as you can see, even I am a bit gloomy.


*I can’t stand jigsaws, if I had to do one I’d have a pot of glue handy.  And scissors.  But some people like them and I had a request.

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