Midweek Miniatura

I am so happy to be writing that title again, there were times when I thought it might not happen, but Miniatura is back, back, back!

I, however, am not. As you know if you’re a regular reader, I have health issues.  Not only am I not well enough to build a shop on a table and put a thousand items on it in two and a half hours (which is what I do), if I caught Covid at the show it could easily finish me off.  I am getting better by the day and plan to be back at the Spring show properly, healthy and well enough to enjoy every minute.

I am not even going to go as a visitor this time.

I am leading by example, pain in the neck though it is, and I sincerely hope you will follow.

I asked show organiser Andy Hopwood about Covid and the show.

As you’ll be aware the government have lifted restrictions, at the time of writing.  Andy says he will be monitoring the official advice right up to the show.  As you’ll also be aware, if you watch the television news, Covid cases are on the rise.

You are asked to bring to the show one of the following items of proof:  proof of double vaccination, NHS passport, proof of a negative PCR test or proof of a negative lateral flow test.

If you are in the UK you can still get flow tests free of charge from Boots The Chemist. They are in a box with many tests.  You follow the instructions, which will be either to shove a swab up your nose, or to shove a swab on to your tonsils and then up your nose, put the swab stick in a little tube and half a minute later you get a result which will be a change in colour.  I suggest if you are doing this you then take a picture of the result as proof.

Andy’s helpers are ready to take temperatures of visitors at the entrance.

Everyone is aware that the nature of Miniatura is people crowding round tables squinting at the tiny stuff.  Distancing is going to be difficult but please do your best.  You would be beyond annoyed if someone leant over your shoulder to see and then sneezed all over you.  It would wreck the show for you and you would worry for days.

You don’t have to wear a mask but if everyone did, it would be great.  If you sneeze without a mask on, and people do still sneeze because they get dust up their nose, you will get looks and not be happy.

There will be hand sanitiser at special areas all over the show.  Please use it.

Above all things, if you feel poorly on the day or the day before, don’t go.  The tickets are half price, they only cost three pounds.  A fancy cup of coffee costs more than that.  If you act responsibly and don’t go if you feel poorly, you’ll only lose three pounds.  If you are ill and go out and catch something you stand to lose a lot more than that.  And if you have the virus and don’t know it and gave it to your favourite exhibitor and killed them off you would hate yourself forever. You know if you are a regular visitor that many of the exhibitors have lifetime skills which it has taken them a lifetime to acquire, you know there are exhibitors who are wheelchair users.  I have written for over quarter of a century about Miniatura being the level playing field and Miniatures being the hobby where we value people for what they are and not for what they are not.

Please look after the miniaturists, definitely the best people in the world. Look after yourself, do not go if you are ill.

If you are well, go and have a fantastic time.  Have one for me.  I am very jealous.

If there is one thing that Miniatura has proved it is that the show is a survivor, of course it is, we love it.

So I’ll be back in the Spring, meanwhile feast your eyes on the exhibitor list which you can find by clicking on the link below.



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