In a bit of long overdue housekeeping, I have tidied up my links.

New readers clicking on the word that says links in the top bar will find themselves on a page with other websites’ addresses.  Clicking on these links will take you directly to that website.  I had an enquiry whether I stocked items from other websites.  I do not.  If you order an item from another website you have reached with a link, your transaction is with that website not this one.  I used to have a shop on this website full of dolls that I make.  That was lost in a change of computers.  Although I may have recovered the information, I am not sure if I wish to start an online shop again.

I enjoy having a site with free reading written by a writer (me.)  I hope you enjoy it too. Unless I am away, for reasons beyond my control, recently health, though I hope very sincerely that is now finished and restored to normal, I post new writing at least once a week.  If I have more to say, more frequently, it’s always worth scrolling down to the previous piece to see if you recognise it.  I have been looking through my older posts.  I have been posting here for twelve years, so there’s at least 624 writings to sieve through, I hope some of it is gold. I’ve been doing it myself and find I can make myself laugh quite easily, though I tend to do it late at night, so I might just be tired.  You can select a topic by clicking in the side bar under categories or tags.  Posts appear always with the most recently posted first, scroll down to travel back in time and click on ‘older posts’ to go further back.  Yes this website offers time travel.  Free!*

If you wish to contact me, please do so by clicking on the link at the end of this piece of writing, where it says leave a comment. I always respond to emails unless they are spam, or you have entered your own email address incorrectly.  I can only use the information you give me.  A reader in the last week had an incorrect address so I was unable to answer her email because her email address did not work.

I have removed links to websites that are no longer working.  I have added mini epilogue, which is Marilyn’s online miniature construction diary.

If you have a website which is miniatures related, or you feel readers might be interested in, please email me for consideration. It’s called the World Wide Web because we can scuttle along the links to find each other, not for a larder of dead flies in the corner of the room, though if you stay glued to a screen for long enough, that may happen too.

I began this site to give publicity to Miniatura artisans but it evolved and has brought and shared friendship round the world.  Everything I write here is original, nothing is copied from anywhere else.  If I make a joke, it’s my joke (which accounts for how terrible some of them are.)  If there’s a photograph either I am the photographer or someone, usually a miniaturist, has given me permission to use their original photography.

I wrote for hobby magazines for many years.  Visitors to shows and senders of handwritten correspondence frequently asked for more to read but not always about hobbies and preferably funny.

Here it is.  If you have been reading for twelve years, thank you for joining in.  I write because you read it, you read because I write it.



*Only backwards in time, so far.  Though I am willing to predict rain and the government (any government) doing something you don’t approve of.

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