To shop or not to shop?

Long time readers (you know who you are!) may well recall the halcyon days of there being a shop attached to this site, in which you could buy the dolls I make and I would post them to you wherever you are.  Some corners of the world do not have very secure post but in the main I managed it because the individual porcelain dolls that I make individually are an individual collector’s item.  They are not plastic dolls of pop stars or Elton John’s music box, or somebody famous’s socks or anything worth nicking, they are not even very big.  They are seriously under priced for the amount of work that goes into them.  It’s a niche thing, like my words, either for you or not.

The shop vanished when the swop of a defunct laptop caused all sorts of stuff to drift off in the ether.  I have just got some of the pictures back from the hard drive, saved by the S&H.

The S&H has just offered to restore the shop.  A way to do it that is less work for the computer donkey headed (me) (and I do apologise if I malign donkeys some of whom can knit*) has appeared on the horizon and the S&H, who is clever, could bolt it on so it would work.  He could even teach the dolt (me again) (hello)  to work it, he thinks.  (He’s very optimistic.)

The question is, would you like it?

In the late 1950s they discovered how to put flavourings on to potato crisps.  I lived in the test area.  What this meant was that for a while I was among the first in the world to try tomato sauce flavoured crisps (huge success). Salt and vinegar (epic) and so on.  Then they branched out and tried haddock, which was not well received and kipper, a spectacular failure.  A fair few fish flavours were floated and, failing, fairly frequently, fank wifout frace.

It is mainly thanks to me and my pals, walking the streets and spitting flounder flavour crisps in the gutter that there are so few fish crisps on the market now.  (I would try lobster but it would have to be lobster and lemon, I think.)

So this is my question, would you like a bit of this fish stick flavour chewing gum?

No, no sorry, wrong question.

What do you think about reopening the shop?  Might you be a customer?

Opinions please via the click and leave a complaint about all the fish jokes button below.  Thank you.


*A lie, sorry, I got carried away on a wave of fish.  Donkeys cannot knit.**

**Quilting maybe.***

*** I’m lying again, as I’m sure you’ve spotted. Donkeys’ cannot do quilting.  They can only make a cup of tea.****%%

****No they can’t.  Very sorry.  I’m stopping, Now.

%%Just a quick coffee and wipe down of the worktop.()

() No.


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