2 day

Today is two,
It is Two day
Two day two you
In any way
Read two or fro
A palindrome
Two two 0 going
And coming home.

Two is the number
On Toosday two,
A day for me
A day for you
Two do what we
Would like two do
Choose carefully
It’s up two you.

Remember what you
Choose two do
Throughout your life
Will follow you.
Bairns yet unborn
Will ask of you
What did you do
On day of Two?

‘I was there’
You’ll tell them true.
‘ I honoured everything
That’s two
I taught two toucans
To sing in twone
While I twootled a floowte
At the sun and the moon.

Other stuff I wanted two
Was mostly done
By ten Two two
Two lunches two,
Two teas, how nice,
Two cakes, two Twix
And was quite sick twice
By ten Two six.

I watched two tellies
Two phones, two apps and then
Had two massive headaches
By ten two ten.

We had sunshine and rain
Two kinds of weather
There was BBC Two news
About doing things twogether.’

I then decided
This was enough for me
Because if I keep the numbers up –
Twomorrow’s 23.


I would have posted this bit of verse about 22.2.22 earlier but I couldn’t get the computer to work, so I went downstairs to work out while I was waiting, and the telly wasn’t working either.  Sometimes I think I bring things on myself, I really do.


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