Hello, I’m back.

The new computer is up and running.  By my reckoning they last about 9 years round here before they fall over groaning under the weight of undeleted late night window shopping expeditions, so, with a bit of luck we’ll have 9 years of chat before it all goes damp round the edges.

I am not going to make this a long post because I am exhausted.  Installing the new laptop involved a four day visit of the grandchildren and their parents.  The OH had a birthday, mainly at a little local fairground with the children, while the S&H  set most of this up for me and attempted to teach the idiot parent how to work it all.

Prior to their arrival I spent a week redecorating the kitchen.  How ideal it is to go from decorating the kitchen to preparing the house for guests, a room each and loading all the crafting stuff into my own bedroom, is something you can only guess at.  I know with great certainty that I will never redecorate the kitchen prior to having guests again.  I used to paint the hall, stairs and landing the week before Christmas.  It would appear that I have learned nothing.

The upshot is that every time I sit down I just

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