12th scale.

I have no idea why it is, the minute I start preparation for the show, everyone in sight steals my time.

The OH decided we could save some money by having a water meter installed.  Good plan, why did it have to involve me?

I washed the kitchen floor because the engineer would have to kneel on it; half an hour.  I cleared all the worktops; half an hour.

When I redesigned the kitchen I sacrificed a cupboard to make a space under a worktop so I could sit and pour porcelain, at the back of which is a fake door with the stop tap behind it and some insulation.  The OH wondered if he should get his electric screwdriver out, remove all the uprights that hold the boards that keep the fake door in place.  A spirited discussion ensued, in the end I had just prevailed on him – half an hour – to wait until the engineer arrived and see if that was necessary.  He got my spanners out of the garage instead. Then the engineer arrived.  There was considerable discussion about whether the stop tap in the pavement outside of our house was just for us, as stop taps for the properties either side were not in evidence.  The OH tried to ring next door that way while I popped round to next door the other way to tell them that their water might go off for the afternoon.  Then, as the OH, who believes Smart Phones are the answer to everything,  was still on the phone, I went round the other next door, let myself in and turned on their water, having stopped to pat the dog, who was interested and hoping to help.  Having established that their water was not joined to our stop tap, the engineer told us we can have the meter in the road and not inside the kitchen, job done, everyone sorted and the OH removed my spanners and got on with oiling his bow, as you do.  A whole hour.

Adding up, that was two and a half hours stolen from me and they won’t fit the meter for another two weeks at least.

Therefore it was mid afternoon before I sat down to finish stringing the 12th scale toddlers, here they are.


One of them is patting the head of a 24th scale child, so you can see the difference.  Pates next, then I can begin dressing.

The  glass eyed 12th scale child is three and a quarter inches tall, in case you are interested, which is not very tall at all.  If you have dressing requests for a little 12th scale boy, please let me know.




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