Getting ready.

The usual pre-Miniatura scenario of everything happening in the time you’d set aside to do miniatures, pertains, in the usual way.  The S&H is popping home for a funeral, which does mean that at least I have cleared out the guest room properly before I have to do it for my friend and ex-editor’s arrival.

Nevertheless I have been dressing the dolls.  All 24th scale so far.  Here are a few.


Should we buy something of dubious attribution from that wide boy’s suitcase, Grandad?

Probably not.


This time there will be quite a few children.  It has taken me a while to perfect them.  They are one and three quarter inches tall and ten pieces of porcelain.  I’d be interested to know if anyone else, anywhere, is doing this, I’d like to compare notes.


Worth all the effort, I think.  The children are such dear little things.


When I say little I do mean it.  That is a normal sized reel of silk thread.

More dolls coming up later in the week.  I haven’t dressed anyone today because I was busy making fortune cookies, as you do.  The GDD had put in some earnest requests for fortune cookies, having seen them in a cartoon.  This grandmother had a blast writing fortunes suitable for a seven year old to discover.  Fortunes such as : tomorrow you will go to school by walking, on foot.  And: the cat will talk, he will say – mew.  And: If you have a bath you will get wet.

It amused me anyhow, though making fortune cookies is painful, they go hard as soon as you take them from the oven, so you have to pop a fortune in and fold them in half while they are still on the baking tray.  Hot, hot hot.  Then you have to fold them over the rim of a bowl and hold them while they cool in the fortune cookie shape.  The person who invented them must have had asbestos fingers.  When mine have healed I will return to dressing dolls.

This week is fairy week.  Nice.


Details of the show, tickets, demonstrations and workshops at


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