The component situated between the chair and the keyboard.

If you have been trying to view the great new additions to the shop you will be aware of what are usually referred to as teething troubles.  Some difficulties have arisen because of the swap from one windows system to another, which caused the writer to have to ring the web manager five times yesterday, including once where I took the computer round to him and the time in screaming frustration where I actually kidnapped him and brought him back here.

He knew all about it (he usually does) and fixed it with a little instruction in a very patient and extremely annoying manner.  However, if you have been trying to access the zoom pictures you’ll be aware that the fix was a patch at best and not a patch on fixing it properly.  Part of the problem could be that once I thought I knew what I was doing I kept getting interrupted with kitchen tiling problems and eventually roped into doing the tiling myself.  So my concentration was interrupted on something I didn’t fully understand, similar to the tiling, and the results were all over the place, similar to the tiling.

So, if you cannot zoom a picture, or find a picture to zoom, we could be having new operating system errors, they could be distracted attention errors, they could even just be a continuation of the very technical ‘things going wrong a lot’ universal theme of this year.  The thing I suspect is really wrong is the one in the title.  I will fix this just as soon as I’ve finished grouting the wonky tiles I stuck on yesterday. – the place where you cannot get the staff and if you can, they’re me and, frankly, rubbish.

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