Not mayonnaise, glass eyed dolls.

I haven’t got time to say much, it’s a week and a bit to the show and it takes me several days to dress a glass eyed twelfth scale doll.  Here’s the latest.


As you can see one of the twenty-fourth scale girls popped in for a look.  The twelfth scale lady is fully articulated, has earrings, brushable hair, glass eyes, eyelashes, hand dyed silk clothing and so on and so forth.

I’m obviously in an orange mood.  I have no idea what next, I think I’ll just have a spot of lunch and do it.

Details of the show as always at www.miniatura.co.uk

I notice it is snowing currently, which we could all probably do without, however, one of the huge advantages of the NAEC, Stoneleigh is that it is all on the flat and parking is right next to the hall, you could run into the hall from your car, parked for free, in less than a couple of minutes (depending on how fast you run.).

I’m going to start saying I’ll see you there any minute now.

Oh I just did.


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