I have now put all the new products in the shop.  I’ll write about them more fully later.  Two, the breeches man and a 24th scale girl:



have their still pictures absent, though the zoomable pictures are there and working.  So, if you are doing a bit of Christmas shopping in the warm this weekend, it’s all there to see.

The picture quality of the zoomed pictures is now wonderful, thanks to the new camera.  The web manager, a person not easily impressed by anything to do with computers, was impressed by the picture quality and remarked that you could see the brush strokes.  Brush strokes!  You can practically see the atoms!  I do hope the wait has been worth it.  Please remember that though you can virtually walk into the paintings and look around, most are not much larger than a postage stamp.  They look large on your screen when zoomed but most people would be able to cover them by folding two fingers over them in the palm of their hand.  This really is miniature art, small for collections, easy to post if you are giving them as gifts, better priced than any original artist competition and available in numbers of one each.

The dolls, as always are my own original everything.  There are plenty of 24th scale including quite a few of the new flexible children, who are becoming very popular in person at Miniatura.  As ever, apart from that show, this is the only place you can get the original art I make.  The looking is free and you can play with the zoom as long as you like.

I hope you enjoy them. – Christmas shopping in the warm with a cup of tea.

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