Regular postings will return in short order, what’s stopping them is a long order.  It’s always my plan to keep everyone happy; when a customer fell in love with a doll and ordered it without checking what size it is, I volunteered to make one very similar but in a different scale.  This is several weeks worth of work, pouring for two days, rubbing down for three, firing for one, which is the bit I’m up to now.  Then, with a bit of luck and a following wind, china painting for one, firing for one, assembling for one and a half and dressing for two, all to get the right one through all the processes.

It will not be possible to do this again for anyone before Christmas; there just isn’t time and what I really want for Christmas is a kitchen, finished, so please, please read the details before you make the order.  I always give the size in the writing that goes with the zoomable picture.  If unsure you can set the filters when you go into the shop.  To do this simply select, by clicking, one of the categories on the shop page.  This will fill in the button and then your computer will only show you the categories you’ve selected.  The possible categories are, big dolls (which are sizes larger than 12th scale), 12th scale (the standard dolls’ house size) 24th scale (half that size – dolls of three inches and down), not dolls (this is where the pictures are) and bargain corner, which can be anything from any of the other categories, reduced in price.

If you select any category the computer will only show you items from that category.  To return to the full choice or select another category, simply click on that category.

I do understand the problem, few original porcelain doll artists make in quite as many sizes as I do and I strive to make them all equally good, whether you could hide them in your hand or need reinforced arms to hold them.  Moreover, as they are my original work they do look like mine and it is a source of pride that the little ones have everything the big ones have because – why not?  But you would really struggle to cram a sixteen inch doll into a dolls’ house and a two inch doll would get a bit lost in your Christmas window display, so please, please, check the size before ordering.  If you’re not sure what you’re reading or think it’s too good to be true, email me.  It’s much easier to make sure you’re buying the one you mean to buy before I post it.

On the plus side there will be more 12th scale lady dolls before Christmas, especially if I get on and make them. And even better, I haven’t dressed them yet; if you have a Christmas wish, let me know.  So if, for example, you like my articulated porcelain ladies but just wish I would do one in the costume of……………. this is your chance.  Email me, I shall be grit scrubbing all day with my Santa hat on. in a rush.

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