Two weeks to the Min.

Once upon a time, with Miniatura looming I just got up and sat down and worked.  I can’t do that anymore.  If I don’t move around I seize up.  So I have been doing a bit of gardening.

This year I did zonal pelargoniums, commonly known as geraniums, in the bed that is beside the pavement.  Many people have commented while I have been in the front garden, dealing with the library or gardening.  The latest was a little boy, probably about six or seven, running up the road.  He paused briefly for a look.

‘Good flowers’ he said, ‘red.’


He was right.  They’re even redder close up.


Outside of the front door, they’re pink.


I wouldn’t want you to think I am slacking and just swanning around the garden, although I do have some plants that were absolutely free, arriving as seeds in my butternut squash.


This was a few days ago, they are now out of the bed and up the side path, I do love a free plant.

I have not just lived in the garden.  A lot of Miniatura work is occurring, but slowly.  It can take a week to dress a couple of dolls in twelfth scale, like these new ladies.


‘What are you going to do with him, Monica?’

‘I don’t know.  I was just standing on this doll stand, minding my own business and then he turns up and sits on my foot.  What do you think he is?’

‘Well, he’s got wings, so he’s not a dog.  I dunno, some sort of dragon?’

Back to work.  for tickets and information.


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