Away with the fairies.

I have spent the morning fotografing fairies, or perhaps, photographing pharies.  Anyhow, here they are:


Each fairy has it’s own dome to live in but I have removed the domes for fotografy.  These fairies are about four and a half inches tall, fourteen part internally strung jointed porcelain.

They have glass eyes.


They have combable hair too, though most of them seem to prefer not to comb it at all.  They are wild fairies.  I have found them in my garden, so the backing picture in the dome is a watercolour painting of flowers in my garden.


The base of the dome is also covered with whatever is in the picture.  Flowery fairies have flower bases.


I found some of the fairies living in a stream in Wales.  It was next to a playground we had taken the children to, halfway up a mountain (because it was Wales.)


The bases for the stream fairies are flowing right out of the watercolours, because, well, they are rocks and water.

The fairy lights come with the fairies, obviously.  There are little hooks in the pictures for fairy light arranging.

I never mention prices, but I’m going to do so.  The fairy and everything with it, the dome, the base and a spare set of lights will be £53.  Most of my dressed twelfth scale original artist, glass eyed, porcelain dolls are £45 and have been ever since I started.  The extra eight pounds are what the dome cost me.   You’ll be getting paintings and lights for free.

The only snag is that, so far, for this show, I have only managed five of them and the other problem is that I only take money because, as I only exhibit at Miniatura, twice a year, if I bought a smart phone and a card reader, that would neatly wipe out any profit at all.

I make little at the show, I do it all because I am happy to make things which collectors love to collect.  In my life I have loved collecting things made with care and skill by artists, probably thanks to my antique collecting mad father.  He taught me to see things made by human hands as some of the best achievements.  I hope there will always be human artists of every variety and I like the ones working in miniature best.*

And also, of course, I am away with the fairies.


It is this weekend, I’ll see you there, I’m M5.**


Still time for tickets, cheaper than on the door.


*Because how would you fit the Sistine chapel ceiling into your living room anyway.  And what would you do with all the people walking through staring up?  (You’d have to dust the big light – who does that?)

** First I was flitting round a mountain in Wales, now I’ve turned into a motorway.

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