Elvis Smethwick – the future.

Dear Nan,

Thank you for the hat that you knitted, it will keep my ears warm and the pink, green and purple stripes will almost match two pairs of socks and an odd one that Iv’e got.

For Christmas, Mr Ahmed, the boss of the paper shop where I work and do the University degree, bought me a dictionary.  It is a really proper one and not stock or from the cash and carry.  It is really heavy and has masses of words.

Also Mum got me a drinks fridge for my room and it is stocked with coke, a thing young people drink and not a type of coal, Mum says to say.

Also, best of all, the teacher of the college where I did the proper drawing lesson, sent me a letter and then phoned to say she meant it, to invite me to a New Year’s Eve party with some of the students of the college.  One of the girls came round to meet me yesterday.  She is a Goth, which means she wears black eye make up.  She knocked on the door and said ‘I am Felicity but call me Vampira, are you coming to the party then?’ So I am going tonight.  Vampira came in and had black coffee and twirled her hair which is curly and yellow round her black fingernail.  And I can do one day a week at the college because there is a special fund where somebody left money for a student every year to be sponsored and next year it is going to be me!  I will be a famous artist and you will be my Nan so your hat will be famous.  So if you do not see me wearing it, I am preserving it in a drawer, in the original wrapping paper.

Hope you are well.

Love Elvis

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