It is normal, no matter how soon I start working for a show, for some people to get left on the table.

This time it’s going to be the dolls’ dolls.  I want to make dolls’ dolls through the ages, so, rather than rushing the dolls you saw through the dressing, I’m going to save them for the next show, when I hope to have some other, older type dolls’ dolls to join them.

Versailles took up a lot of time.  It was a place where they were very good at wasting time.  Here they all are, having a bit of a dance.


That was yesterday, today they are packed in slightly Versailles ready to go. 

I am finishing off some requests.  I have worked this way for a number of years.  At the show, if you are a visitor and don’t see, on my stand, the doll you want, but like my style (which has always been innocent and dolly, for me the dolls’ house has always been the place where the dolls live), you can make a request which I will write down.  I will then turn up at the next show with a selection to choose from.  There is no obligation but this circumvents the difficulty of getting exactly what you want out of your head into my head.

Now I am finishing some men to work in a garage, which was a request.  Interesting, if my garage is anything to go by, there’s less working and more taking a video to see what else they can get me to change or update.  Nevertheless men for a garage are being dressed.  And they are quite nice men, not oily or anything.  I do see that other miniaturists do gritty realism really well but it’s never been my thing, I think there’s enough gritty realism in life in One scale.  In twelfth, twenty-fourth and forty eighth, I like pretty.  I like everyone happy, ideally dancing.

This is the dolls’ house, where, unlike life, you call the shots, decide on the décor and arrange every last little thing to your liking.

Incidentally, I have (maybe) joined the twenty-first century and invested in a card reader, so you can pay me at the show with a bank card, for the first time, (providing I can make it work.) I also accept money and cheques drawn on a British bank.

If you have not yet got your ticket but are planning to go on Saturday please visit the Miniatura website now to get one.  Visitor numbers are limited by the venue for safety reasons and the numbers already ticketed for Saturday are getting perilously close to the total.  Sunday is usually more relaxed and you can appear at the door and pay.  All the details are at

I am at the back of the hall this time, on a corner. Tomorrow I’ll set up and on Saturday I, the aristos, all the twelfth scale glass eyed dolls, the articulated ten piece, twenty-fourth scale, the bendy forty-eighth and the jointed forty-eighth to dress and dressed, and the pictures and the ornaments and the dragons and anything else I can shoe horn on to the table up to nearly a thousand porcelain, original artist miniatures

will see you there!



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