Having it off.

It all depends what you are having off and you may make your own joke here… and here.

I’m having the day off.

I’ve been sculpting for a good two weeks.  The thing about arty stuff is you do get better with practice and that applies to every session.  Almost certainly by the time you are ready to pack up after several days, you are just getting good at it.  The blade is turning nicely, the water colours are going swimmingly, the sewing machine is performing and then, when you’ve worked your way on to the last six inches of the dining table, inspiration strikes.

I think probably the time previously is warming up time.

After a fortnight you’d think I was warmed through, but, getting picky in my old age, I find another doll hiding in my head that just needs to pop out through my fingers.

Plus, of course the next show is the 100th Miniatura and I feel the need to celebrate with lots of new ness. And, of course, I had only had the idea for a couple of dolls’ dolls but once I got started there were so many ideas. I foolishly researched dolls in history in various places and found many that I would like myself.  I always think if you want something the best idea is to make it, so I have begun, whether the strangeness of some ancient dolls will translate well to porcelain, I may be about to find out.

I could have just done a couple of ideas and perfected them but if I did, I wouldn’t be me.

I am getting pickier as I go, so there are ten pieces of sculpture heading for the bin, except that two of them are very nice thighs, so I might make the rest of the doll to go with them.

But not today, apart from a bit of gardening I’m having the day off. I’m not even going to do a blog.



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