Last minute Min news.

Tickets for Saturday, the limited number entry collector day, are now all sold out.  There are, however, plenty of tickets for Sunday, which can be purchased at the door.  If you have never been before, I’d like to remind you that the NEC has excellent public transport links, with moving pavements, shuttle buses and every convenience on site to get you to the concourse as easily as possible.  There’s a link to the NEC site with full details at the foot of the column.

The Radical Miniatures website has now gone live, there’s a link to that site too.

I am packing as I write, a fine example of multi-tasking, I feel.  Just before I popped the latest dolls in the box to go, I took pictures.  Do you know the story of the lady and the unicorn?


A lady found a dangerous unicorn, which had been frightening denizens of the forest.  The unicorn could only be tamed by a lady with a pure heart.  The lady reached out to the unicorn


her heart was pure, her eyes were glass, (her hair was brushable, her hand sewn silk clothes were all removable,) and the lady and the unicorn made friends


and lived happily together in a tent in the forest until they were rehomed by a collector.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ – simple art that anyone can understand.


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