Magnolia spring.


My magnolia in spring is a glorious thing.
It soars in the air above the spring bedding,
While down on the ground, it looks like a wedding.


It’s hard to believe, such a short time ago, it looked dead.
It was bare, it was covered in snow.


Now the petals burst out, like a song to the sky


It’s a playground for birds and a joy to the eye.

It’s the triumph of hope, the return of the sun,
It’s the lift in your heart at the pleasure to come.
It’s a present from nature, the gift of rebirth
A cycle of love from the old spinning earth.


We have come through the dark, now the good things begin


With this face-lifting, head-turning, heart-bursting, soul-lightening, dark-quenching, sap-springing, shouting of life!


My magnolia in spring is a glorious thing.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ – hopeful.

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