Start of the sale.


The sale has begun.  Items that you have never seen here before, such as the miniature oil painting above are in it.  The painting is £5.  Five pounds for an oil painting on board, varnished and framed in wood?  Am I mad?????? (Obviously, yes.)I have spent the last three days taking the 50 ish steps necessary for each item to get 19 never seen before things into the sale at knockdown bargain prices.

I know a there are plenty of doll collectors who would like to have a go at dressing smaller scales but are nervous of handling porcelain and a bit skint so I have put several little chunky strong dolls in the sale at a fiver a go.  Dolls such as this


and even the French fashion dolls like this are there


for a fiver!  You can’t go wrong.

There are also some cracking dressed 12th scale dolls, some of which are utterly gorgeous.  With free resin chairs!



I am using what I believe is a new version of the zoom tool.  For some reason when it appears on its own shop page it looks distorted, however, when you press the zoom button + on the foot of the picture and then move the zoomed picture around with your mouse it seems to settle down.  I’m not much of a technical wizard but if I can get it to work, I bet you can.

This is only the beginning.  I am going to have  a bit of lunch then get started on moving many other items onto the sale rail at vastly reduced prices. This won’t take as long.  I’ll let you know when it’s all there so you can start sale shopping.  Don’t forget that items you buy here are not charged postage and packing per item, like anywhere else, it’s per order because I don’t employ a P&P department; like everything else here, it’s me.  I also haven’t got round to raising the postage costs either as that requires programming too.  So for one very cheap P&P, if you can bear to wait till it’s all there you could have a major shop fest.  I’ll try to make sure there are quite a few more things at tiny prices that you could put aside for presents and add to your order at no extra postage cost.

The new items are in bargain corner.  To see them quickly, select bargain corner in the shop and go to pages 4-7 of that section.  More will be along and there will be further reductions of some of the bargains that are there already. (Because when I have a sale of little things I like it to be a big one.)  You could have a look at the entire inventory and make a wish.  Some of the big dolls are going in the sale too.

48th scale news may be a bit delayed this week while I get all the clearance items, slashed, reduced and put in the window.  Sale shopping without having to walk anywhere, at the computer with a cup of tea – oooh what could be better?  (Well that’s the sort of thing I like, I hope you do too.)

And I should say there is nothing wrong with any of the items in the sale.  Everything was offered for a lot more originally, my prices are incredibly modest anyway, everything is made by me by hand, and would probably have sold at Miniatura in  a flash.  I need the room.  I have a lot of new items in the pipeline but nowhere to put them.  The porcelain things are still heirlooms and are made to last a hundred years at least.  It’s just a real ‘help me make some space’ sale.


See the emptiness around this doll?  This is exactly what my house doesn’t look like but if I’m going to make more things, it needs to!



£££££££££££££££££££££££££££££££££££££££££££££££££££££££££££££££££££££££££££££££££££££££££££££££££££ – sale fever!

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