Julie’s dolls on TV!

IGMA artisan, Julie Campbell, whose work is usually included here in the run up to Miniatura, has suddenly become extremely famous.

Stink TV, who make some terrific adverts, spotted Julie’s dolls on her website and thought they fitted a brief they had for a TalkTalk advert.  Julie wasn’t sure if the polymer clay from which her dolls are made, would be strong enough to with stand the insertion of the metal ball joint armature used for stop frame animation but agreed to make a mum and a dad for a dolls house anyway.

Have you seen the advert?


Stink TV thought Julie would have dolls in stock and wanted them in a fortnight, which was, naturally, the fortnight in which Julie was trying to get ready for the Chicago show, to which she had suddenly got a last minute invitation to exhibit.

Initially the mum was supposed to be a blonde lady in a blue checked dress and Julie made two dolls with different expressions.  Dolls went back and forth in the post and at one point Julie got both dolls’ heads back at once for rewigging and wondered what on earth she had let herself in for.  The day before the filming deadline she was still making extra arms.

But when the animators made the dolls come to life and even blink (which is a bit of CGI wizardry) it was all worth it.

The advert is wonderful and the dolls’ house dolls are the stars, without a doubt.

If you want a doll made by the doll maker of the stars look here:
and you can see the full advert on Julie’s site too.


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