Deep deeply.

I am deeply in the middle of mould making.  I have made 19 today and have at least another 50 to do.  The I’ve got to dry some, pour them, fire etc. finish or write up the house I’ve been kitbashing here for a magazine, do at least one more interview, do and review two big kits and two little ones and all this within a fortnight’s deadline.

I had plenty of time until I caught that three week gastric bug/EColi effort.  Something is going to have to give and I’m afraid it’s this three-a-week column.  I can’t lose the sleep, I must keep exercising or my legs seize up and I’ve got to fit in a visit to the olds.

When are we going to get a 30 hour week for miniaturists and doll makers?  Why has no putative government offered this as an election inducement?  Why did I waste half the day dealing with the first lot of plaster that went all runny and got everywhere?  Why do I keep asking questions?  Would you like another cup of tea?

For the answers to these and other questions tune in in about a fortnight, unless I get seriously bored with the plaster under the fingernails lark, in which case I’ll see you sooner.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ – big on ideas, short on time.

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