Lifting the lid.

It’s always better than Christmas.  I love lifting the kiln lid on things that have never been seen before.

I came downstairs early and took the bungs out in my slippers, which is a strange place to have bungs.  Then after a shower etc. I came back down and lifted the lid.


It’s so exciting.  I hope you notice that the garage floor is the cleanest place in the house.  Can’t have specs of dirt floating into the kiln.  And talking of into the kiln…..


What is in there?  Is it 39 disasters or 39 triumphs?

Or, more likely, a bit of both?

Would you like another episode of the vampires now or would you like me to lift the lid?

Do you know, I can hear you shouting?


Oh look at that!  It’s all still quite hot but I think I can lift a few things out for you to see.


A television. a leather chair, an old stove and a solid fuel range with cat.

Looking back in the kiln some of the fireplaces have not done very well and need redesigning.  Where they have thin flat hearths some have gone a bit floppy.


Can you see the middle bottom fireplace has a tired-looking hearth?  There is always a danger that if you glaze a thin bit of porcelain on one side it will flop over.  I need to remake the model and the mould with the hearth a bit shorter and thicker but the inglenook beside it is great and the variegated marble with the sculpted figure above it has done well.

When this shelf full has cooled down, later today, I’ll lift it out and we can see the shelf below.  Because of the scale, some of the slightly bendy bits may work on a layer of glue.  What this means if you are a Miniatura visitor is that there will be a seconds box at seconds prices and the seconds box may contain pieces that will never be repeated.

So far, however I can’t see anything that looks as if it needs the immediate attention of a hammer.

Stay tuned to see what I’ve cooked up next (I can’t wait either.)


~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ – dinner is served.

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