Last minute Miniatura.

The post across the pond came up trumps so I will have a selection of Jean Brodnaxes 24th and 48th scale wallpapers on my stand.  You can read all about Jean in this month’s Dolls House Magazine.  Jean is a lifelong dolls’ house enthusiast who married a printer and used the left-over paper at the end of print runs for 48th scale papers that she designed.

The designs are many and varied; there are over 650 Brodnax products now.  Jean very kindly offered to design new papers with a British flavour for us.


So there will be brand new ones that no one has ever seen before at the show.



These are on sheets of paper 3 inches X 4.5 inches, so if you have  walls to decorate, you might want to do a bit of measuring up in advance.  In close-up these papers are even more miraculous.



There’s no doubt about it, Jean is a miniaturist’s miniaturist. If you have the sort of computer that can zoom in on the detail, you could.   Amazing.

I’ve been busy too.  There will be 48th scale flexible porcelain dolls.


This is the cook, with a spoon.  As promised I’ve done big ones and little ones, so it doesn’t matter what size your house is, there’ll be someone to fit.


As you can see this doll is just over an inch, so should fit in the smallest house.

I’m unlikely to get many of them dressed in the half a day left with lots still to assemble so I’ll do a doll dressing tutorial here on the blog after the show.

I haven’t counted but I think I’m going to the show with more than 60 new products all invented and handmade by me and, I’m proud to say, at pocket money prices.  Some of the trickier ones are in small numbers; there are only 7 48th scale babies and 5 children but there are dozens and dozens of adults.  The old people got left, they’re still in a box waiting assembly, as is the new 12th scale glass-eyed lady but as always with Miniatura, there will definitely be something new next show, because there always is.

Pat’s Thomas Crapper toilet made it into the Times newspaper today and I think she will be on local television with it too.  It’s a great story.  Miniatura is full of great stories, see you there!

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