Configure a dolls’ house 4

This is the bit where I finally use some of the porcelain 48th scale miniatures I spent six months creating.

I produced a selection of undecorated and glazed pieces.  When glazing porcelain there is always a possibility of the glaze distorting the piece in the kiln, especially when using hand applied art glazes to tiny pieces.  The original demoulded ware is all hand prepared too, rubbed down individually from castings from my moulds, which have been pieced together from their components when damp clay.


Individuality flourishes, so I’ve deliberately chosen a fireplace with a wonky bottom.  Here it is


looking a bit tired on the right hand side.  I’ve compensated by cutting a chimney breast from three slices of thin card with a bit missing for the roof beam and a corner missing for the tired end to sink into.

I glued the chimney breast in place and did a gesso/paint job.  When it was dry I painted black round the edge so that no white would show.  I also cut the floor to fit.


I keep dry fitting as I go.  The boxes are not always utterly square.  They are paper covered board but like my porcelain components have the merit of being inexpensive so if I have to compensate with card offcuts I’m not going to worry about it.  This is not a house to agonise over, it’s a little bit of art to enjoy.


But I’m not going to glue anything in place until I have the door ready.

Do you remember the kitbash?


I worked out the doors on squared paper and cut them in card.


With a bit of stacking for dimension and a paint and glaze job I was in business ( well at least I had my foot in the door.)


Finger.  Finger in the door.

I’ve done the same for this cottage but using the thin balsa sheets, woodstain and varnish I applied after the photo was taken.

Here are the doors step by step.


As you can see I’ve given them quite cottagey proportions.  The wood being a bit rubbishy and thin, did split  a couple of times when cut across the grain.  I just joined the parts with a stuck piece of thin paper on the back, which will be undetectable in use.

Next time I think I’ll be inserting the door; once that’s done I can go into the hall and upstairs.

PB270526 – significantly small.

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