Beyond the blue horizon.

It’s nature’s consolation prize for a rubbish summer.

It’s the antithesis of foot long slugs.

It’s the antidote to endless mud tramped up the hall carpet.

It’s a rainbow.


This was a really good one, filling the whole sky out of the back window.

As it developed it became apparent


that it was a double rainbow, seen clearly


in both directions.

It was long lasting, enabling me to dash upstairs and photograph it


out of the back bedroom window across the tops of the trees and


out of the side bedroom window against next door’s television ariel.

I kept photographing as the rainbow faded


from a double to a single bow and thought how lucky we are on this planet to be so blessed with water that we can even have drops of it in the sky set against the background of endless space


to make amazing pictures with.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ – blessed.

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