More sayings.

These weekly pill trays must be very handy for forgetful people to help them to take their medication.  Look! The days of the week are printed and even the time of day.  I do not need one of these but I will take the pill from it if that is what you want.

What day of the week is it?  Is it?  I knew that.  Is it lunch or dinner?  Really?  Already?

What day is it?  Are you sure?  Fancy.  I appear to have picked up this pill tray.  I do not know why.

Oh did you?  Why did you hand it to me?

Well, I will if you want.  Now, what day do we think it is?

Really?  Are you sure?  What meal is this?  Is it?  What did I have for breakfast?

What?  Take this pill now?

You know these pill trays must be very handy for forgetful people.  You certainly couldn’t forget to take your pills with one of these.

There are some pills on this plate.  Mine?  Whoops!  Now there are some pills on the floor.

This newspaper is very poor value.  It cost me two pounds and I have finished reading this bit already.

I didn’t like the cheese sauce with this microwave spaghetti but I found this other ready meal in the fridge, it has this ginger sauce with it, so I’ve put it in the spaghetti, it’s in the oven.  Oh look, do you think the cardboard container looks a bit singed?  Oh, was that your dinner?  Well I haven’t taken all of the sauce, though I did throw away the peppers and some green stuff; I don’t like them.  You can microwave the microwave spaghetti if you like but I expect it will still be tasteless.

This spaghetti tastes funny, where is the soy sauce off your sushi?

I think I would like to taste one of your sushi.

That was horrible, I’ll have a different one.  No, I don’t like that either.  Look!  I am putting this strange spaghetti on some buttered bread.  That’s better.  Do you think I would like sushi to go with it?  What makes you think I wouldn’t like it?  I might.

Oh cake!  I understand cake.

I am watching this cookery woman on the television.  She is only meant to be seen from the waist upwards, I fear.  Now she is running somewhere, what a mistake to do that on television with that awful skirt and such a big bottom.  She can cook quite well.  I would never crack an egg straight into the bowl, common sense tells you not to.  She can’t have much common sense or she wouldn’t be on television with a skirt like that.

Please don’t keep giving me this sushi, it’s not nice.

What did you say those crisps were?  Marmite?  No, I certainly don’t want a whole packet but I will try one.

This newspaper has the same news in as the bit I read this morning.

Is that your microwave dinner?  It looks very dry, you would think they could give you more sauce with it.  I am not sure about those crisps, I’ll try some more.

I think I will go and read the paper, I haven’t seen it today, though the news is frequently the same.

It’s a pity you have such fat arms when you eat so little.

I’ll try another four crisps, I think.  And some of that fruit in that packet, what is it?  Papaya, you do eat some funny things.  I’ll just have that bit and that bit and this very little bit and that bit.  No not that bit, it’s curly.  I’ll put it back.

Have you finished all those crisps?

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ – going home on Wednesday for a couple of days, to look for my sanity, which might be in a drawer somewhere.

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