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Many thanks to Sheila, who drew my attention to the email updates, which weren’t.

The webmaster (the S&H with his other hat on) has fixed it and, for lo! it now works.

This wonderful arrangement is to help you keep track of postings, which under the current circumstances are sporadic and likely to remain so until I get my life back and we can have fun again.  Meanwhile you may wish to keep an informed ear out for the occasional tortured cries from one teetering on the edge of sanity, rather than listening to the ground every day until you have tyre tracks right across your face.  If you do, this is how you do it:

To get email notification when I post, click on ‘receive email updates’ in the column on the right just over there under the picture.

It will ask you for your email address and to fill in one of those awful captcha boxes (sorry sorry) to prove you’re a human.  (Well done by the way.)  (Though, to be fair, if any chimpanzees are reading this, very well done indeed.  No, really.  Get a person to fill in the box for you.)  (Very good, have a banana.) Doing this will send an email to your inbox.  Click the link in the email to verify it is your address and you will subsequently get notification between 3 and 5 PM GMT on any day that I have posted.

If you get fed up with it there is an unsubscribe box in the original email so you can stop and start it to suit you and no one else.

All this happens automatically without me knowing you are doing it, it’s just your choice of thing.  I have no idea if everyone is doing it, or no one.  I still cannot see you through the screen of your computer.  Feel free to sit there in your dressing gown eating biscuits.  (Or bananas, I really cannot tell.  If you slide the banana skin up and down the keyboard, I have no idea asdfghjkl;’#)

Also I will only email you if you email me and do not look like spam.  I will never send you one of those messages that say my second cousin from some newly emerged nation state has left me unexpected millions and I need your bank details to send you a lump of it.  I will never try to sell you medication or photographs of lewd ladies in little vests, or cunning devices to ameliorate your body parts.  I will not send you begging letters requiring you to send money to help a little donkey to learn to knit, or ask you to post fish heads to destitute cats.

What I will do, however, is to advise you that the postage is about to rise.  I never intended keep up with real postage costs but I do have to do something now, because some of the bargain corner items are in danger of costing me more to send than they cost you to buy.  The postage costs have only ever been as a contribution, if you’ve seen me at a show you know the costs of the dolls are exactly the same as the web shop and they’re all a very good price compared with any other original artist-made porcelain.

I will not do this instantly, I’ll do it in about a fortnight, after I’ve been to the post office with some test parcels, so meanwhile, if you fancy a bargain on the postage……………

I’m off to do as much of the garden as I can get at before I go to stay at my mother’s.  The memory team, sent by a visiting doctor, are due to arrive on Friday morning.  I have the date and time of this visit on four calendars in two locations, I hope someone from the memory team has made a note of it, or else my mother will be sitting waiting, as she did last week, a week early.

I shall pack some ROM and some RAM and a little bag of neurons, but I doubt it will help.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ – captcha’d. (No chimpanzees, donkeys or cats were harmed during the writing of this post.)

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