My Milliput Aunt.

As a little light relief I have been making Milliput pictures again.  This time it was after a photograph had emerged at my mother’s of her big sister, who will be 99 tomorrow.  Here is the photograph


My mother has always complained that her sister thought herself very good looking and that she had naturally wavy hair.  I’d have to say on the photographic evidence that her sister was correct.  She is very good looking and she does have great hair. 

I was interested in what emerged when I Milliputted the picture, silicone moulded the result and then turned it out in paper clay.  At first, uncoloured, the paper version looked like an artistic version of the photograph.

Once I had it painted, however,


what emerged was a girl so fashionable she could have been any of Bertie Wooster’s girlfriends. 

What ho, Vera!  How absolutely spiffing to see you looking so perky old girl!

It will be interesting to see what my aunt, who is even more disapproving of everything and everyone than my mother, makes of it.

If you are planning on performing a similar trick, I’d recommend a full face, square-on photograph if you have one.  This nearly three quarter view was quite tricky to do but as it was the only photograph we had I was stuck with it.  At some other time, I’d like to have a go at rendering a black and white photograph in 3D and in black and white.  It’s quite interesting to see what emerges.

I have posted this in a card box, which is fairly flimsy, so I have folded the card the wrong way round, with the front on the inside and put a small sheet of foam in the middle to protect the face.  I am using ultra-light paper clay, so the model is quite dense, whether this will protect the sculpt through the post I’ll find out from my mother when she gets her copy tomorrow.

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