At last the 24th show.

Do you remember this?


If so, you have a good memory, it was October 2013, according to the date on the picture file.  Last autumn I made the moulds, last month I poured the dolls and finally:


here they are. 

At the time I said I was modelling the children hopefully.  I didn’t really know if I would be able to clean the parts, or if they would survive the kiln.  Some of the children are just over an inch tall and have ten porcelain parts, all small, but look


children, lots of children!

Down at the bottom of the box is Mr Darcy, who I showed you last time, if I show you him in my hand


and in the box


on the row under the children, you can begin to see how small these dolls are.

So, a year and a half after I started, finally I have new 24th scale dolls to dress.


and, as it’s only two and a half weeks to the show, I’d better crack on.



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