I am back!

I feel as if I have been wandering in the trackless desert for four and a half years.

But now, I’m back.  I still haven’t had the length of time to prepare that I’d like but already, sandwiched in between solicitor stuff look…..


At last for the 2 inch collectable dolls collectors, here are Red Riding Hood and the Wooluf.

Actually Red and the Wolf are just over one and a half inches tall, they could be children in 24th scale.  I made these dolls in reminiscence of the collectable dolls which kindly aunties used to bring me from foreign holidays abroad in the late nineteen fifties, when getting on an aeroplane to go somewhere was quite a novelty.  On planet Jane, as I don’t like flying, it still is.

But I did eventually have a collection of dolls and when I got talking to other miniaturists, I found a lot of other people had such collections too.  Sometimes they had lost them or given them away.  Some poor collectors were forcibly made to give up their dolls ‘for the poor children’ or because they were ‘too old’.  

You are never too old to make a collection of anything.  Collections I have found to be a font of knowledge and a wellspring of learning.  Right up until the point where you can’t move for collectables and are ready, on your own, to sell up and start a new collection.

And, of course, you are never too old for dolls, for trains, for models, for all the companions and friends of your youth.  You never have to lose your old friends just because you make new ones.  Hobbies that transport you to a more carefree time: lower your blood pressure, calm you, cheer you and just generally make you happier.  Hobbies are good for you, I am living proof, I could not have survived the last few ghastly years without somewhere else to put my thoughts.

I made the collectable dolls small, so you don’t need much room.  If you’d collected a 2inch doll from me every time I exhibited at Miniatura, you’d have over fifty dolls and they would still all fit in a shoebox.

I am now embarking on the next four 2 inch collectables, I’ll show you when they are done.  As always these are porcelain dolls which are jointed, the legs and arms go up and down.  They are china painted, the properly sewn clothes are sewn on to the dolls and they will last for hundreds of years unless you take a hammer to them.  And they still only cost fifteen pounds each.  And they always will.  A dressed, original artist, collectable porcelain doll has been available from me for fifteen pounds for twenty five years and will be so for as long as I’m making dolls.


Oh collector, what big eyes you’ve got!  (Come and have a look at Miniatura, the best dolls’ house show in the world (author’s opinion – and that of several thousand other people))


Stay tuned for news of other exhibitors because ………….. I am back!

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