I bet you were expecting a report on the dolls I dressed today.

Would that I had, one scale, in the shape of the house intervened.

I hit the ground running at eight when the electricians arrived.  They had to fit a circuit breaker for the little platform lift I’m having.  That followed a lengthy email from the manufacturers, none of which I understood.  I rang a contact at the factory, then an installer and got neither, to ask them to talk to the electrician, who didn’t understand what exactly he had to do.  As I had had a dire email threatening all sorts if I got it wrong, I was really keen to get it right.  Then there was the placement of the phone in the lift, to avoid the scenario where you die as an old lady, trapped in a lift in your own home. The advice of the installer differed from the advice of the manufacturer and it was not possible to do both.  So I made a cup of tea for my breakfast but it went cold.

Finally I got one of them and had just explained, and got him to talk to the electrician, when a toilet arrived on a van and had to be signed for before it could be put in the garage.  So I did that and checked the docket.  Then I saw what was missing and emailed about that. Then the installer, who I couldn’t get before, rang back and he talked to the electrician too.  And he explained how to fill in the form they had sent me, which is intended for factories and asks where is my First Aid room, and similar items.

Then the carpet shop rang to say the lino was in and could I collect it. So I microwaved my tea and sat down at the computer.

Then I printed off the plans for the electrician and found the email from the plumbing supervisor that had to be dealt with.

Then the car, which had been being serviced, returned, and had to be checked and paid for, during which my tea went cold again.

The electricians were shown what still needed to be done, then the builder rang.  He is back from his holiday and wanted paying.  My tea, which I had just microwaved, got cold again.

Then there was a delivery.

Then it was lunchtime and the OH appeared downstairs.

So I drank my tea and went out to fetch money and the lino.

Came back, had quick lunch, then the builder arrived, just as I had made a cup of tea.  So I showed him around and went through the ‘to do’ list.

Then I microwaved my tea and drank it.

Then I went upstairs, selected dolls, cut out some clothes and then it was tea time.  The OH came into the dressing room to ask when I was going to tidy up the room I was working in.  Then I shouted at him.  Then I had tea.

So I went round the house switching off the lights where I’d shown the builder and closing the curtains.

And now it’s now.

Incidentally, if the last posting is showing three times I’m sorry, I don’t know what happened.  I’ll fix it tomorrow but now I have to go to bed so I can get up early to let the plumber in.

I love getting ready for Miniatura.  It’s so creative.  You just sit quietly and sew.


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