Silver Lining..

Now, before we begin, I’d like to assure you that you can’t catch Corona virus from reading this word.  Or this one.  Or this one, oh no, hang on, that one looked a bit dodgy.

We have gone in the space of a day from ‘let’s all go to the exhibition centre’ to ‘everyone over seventy has to stay at home for four months.’

Then of course there is panic buying of toilet rolls.  I went to get the normal amount in the normal way but there were none.  Anywhere.  This is worse than ‘Gold toilet stolen from Blenheim Palace, police have nothing to go on.’  If the elderly (which isn’t me, by a year, according to the latest government statistics) have to stay at home for four months, how are they going to manage without stockpiling toilet rolls?  I can imagine the elderly being discovered in many months in their houses entombed in pyramids of toilet rolls.

My pal L has had the virus.  She rang from Brighton.  On Tuesday she felt awful, sweaty and hot, very hot, took to her bed, didn’t want to eat, had a dry cough and by Saturday was well enough to ring me and sounded like herself apart from a cough.  So there is a strong possibility if you are youngish and fit you’ll be OK.  Don’t panic. DON’T PANIC.

Oh well go on, panic a bit.  Rush out and buy as much dried pasta as you can and some toilet rolls, if you can.  Why are people stockpiling dry pasta?  Does it have anti-viral properties I am unaware of?  There’s none of that locally, either. Or tissues. If you want to blow your nose you’ll have to go round to an elderly person’s house and use their toilet rolls.

There is plenty of advice from the government about how to keep yourself occupied at home for those who have no idea what to do unless they are socialising.

Round here I cannot think of anything nicer than four months uninterrupted dolling and what a wonderful chance this is to get my latest novel well-progressed. and catch up with the garden.  I’ve had six months of a house full of strangers, who are nearly finished now.  There remains the new stairs, the lift and the decorating and a little bit more plumbing and then they can all buzz off and leave me in peace.  All I would like additionally is for the government to shut the pubs.  I also understand from the news that terrorists have been advised to avoid Europe.

I am also glad, very glad, that I do not have an elderly relative at a distance to care for.

All told it will be OK.

I think my attitude possibly stems from living with cancer for so long and losing my cousin, of whom I am still daily bereaved.

If your number is up, it is up, if it isn’t, it’s not.

You and me, we’ll be absolutely all right.  We have hobbies, we have interests.

I will blog as much as I can to keep the contact between us.  Meanwhile if you are new to Jane there is ten year’s worth of free reading on this blog, accessed by clicking on the column on the right.  Quite a lot of it is funny.  Email me if you like, I reply to genuine emails.

Now is the time for all good readers to pair their sock drawer (you know it makes sense.)


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