You cannot get the staff.

Not only am I proud of myself, I also completely despair.  You simply cannot get the staff, especially when it’s me.


Here is a doll, a very pretty doll, only just added to the shop, by clever clogs me.  So what is wrong with that?  You may ask.  How much is she?  Crikey, how much?  You may ask.  (She’s in bargain corner, I have to make space).  Look around the neck of this doll, what do you see?  Nothing.  Exactly.  What you should see is her pearl necklace as per the description in the shop.  Where is the necklace?


Here it is.  How did she do that?

I’ll put the pictures side by side.

P1010119-1 P1010117-1

She swallowed the necklace while I wasn’t looking and kept it swallowed all through the right palaver necessary to take a million pictures, get a good one, put it into the computer, zoomify it.  Wait till the web manager made a whole afternoon free to teach his idiot mother the simple (I use the term ironically) 46 step process to get each product into the shop.  Wait till the idiot mother had a free entire morning from really early to get just 5 products into the shop by this painstaking method.  Wait until the same idiot (there’s just the one round here) put all the newly added dolls into a labelled box and then, then, then, then, after all of that, regurgitate the necklace from where it was hidden between her neck joint and the back of her head.


Now you know it’s there, you can just see it behind her earrings.  Either this doll has a sense of humour or the photographer’s an idiot.  A proud idiot who did really complex computery things with her knuckles scraping the ground but an idiot nevertheless.

I know dolls misbehave when you photograph them, I’ve known this for at least 17 years.  I’ve even written about it in blogs.  Yet I am the idiot who photographed and zoomed a doll who was laughing like a drain with her necklace up her neck.

Though the person who really got it round their neck was me.  You can’t get the staff you know.  You really can’t.

Anyway she has four friends all in bargain corner, at very reduced prices.  This is the January sale.  Sorry it can’t be bigger, I have got tons of new dolls on the go for Scottish Miniatura a month away and have just had a visit from a very expensive kiln engineer, so it’s all systems go round here.  (I shall just have to whip the staff into shape.) – rubbish staff, great dolls, bargain prices.

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