Fame at last.

The long birthday card

P8300910 (3)

got on television!

It was on Hochanda’s birthday round-up show at 5 o’clock on September 2nd.  You can see it by going to www.Hochanda.com clicking on Rewind, then, on the next screen, on recent, then scrolling back via the right hand arrow to 5th Birthday round-up and there it is.

It got a bit lost in my life, however, because, in the normal way, so much was going on.

I had a day of intestinal trouble again because I ate one mushroom by mistake and then couldn’t get out of the bathroom.  I emerged in time to open a parking fine.

I had leant my car to the OH to take our neighbour to the airport.

My neighbour had only asked to be taken to the train but I could tell there was a time constriction.  The OH offered to go to the airport far away, which was near the location to which he commuted every working day for fifteen years, which left the neighbour, who is a doctor, an extra hour for patients at the hospital.

Off they went but apparently, entering the car park at the other end, the doc’s phone hadn’t registered on the payment screen.  Happily he had done a screen capture.  Happily the OH can email him in Russia, where he is now able to go for his Mum’s 80th birthday, which he missed because of lockdown.  So the OH has all the evidence and is now writing a letter to the car park people.

I have no idea if this is a case of oh!  Technology!  or oh! Why do bad things happen to good people?  or oh! why has my poor little car got a bad mark against it when I have just spent a vast amount on a service and wasn’t even in it at the time.  Or maybe just …….oh!

And the lift, which I was so happy to have, had a whole day of lift engineers, after half a day of engineer who had to shoot off to someone trapped, because it isn’t working.  (That’s two in a day, was this such a good idea?  I won’t know until I’m too decrepit to climb upstairs.)

And someone sent the same parcel twice, which I didn’t realise until I had destroyed the delivery note and the packaging.  I always used to keep these.  I have delivery notes going back 20 years for QVC the shopping channel, in a folder in the loft.  (Is this normal?)  Thinking it was probably not normal I have just begun destroying delivery notes.  Third one chucked and for lo!  I need it to return the goods.  I printed the order out from my computer, which ran out of toner subsequently. Does this represent a change of luck?  It could have run out of toner before it printed it, leaving me with nothing to enclose in the parcel (because I had cleverly just destroyed it.)  But no, the printer printed it three times, lucky me.  One to send, one to keep, one spare and then I rummaged around in the printer queue and stopped the other six.  It would have been a lot simpler to have kept the original delivery note, which now, obviously, I shall do for the next twenty years.

All of which answers the question you have always wanted to ask, namely – are famous people who have been on television, happier people with more organised lives than the rest of us?*

Except that, of course, I haven’t been on television, just my bit of card.

But it was on telly.


*Not if it’s me, dear.

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