Sylvia’s room.

I am aware that regular readers here are usually creative people.

If you suspect that further time spent at home could be looming in the future, you may appreciate creative inspiration from other readers.

Sylvia makes lots of room boxes and still quilts, although other hobbies have fallen by the wayside.  She has piles of stuff everywhere, in the normal way, and, during the 2020 lockdown came over Elizabethan and made this lovely bed chamber.

Sylvias Elizabethan

There is such a lot of work in this wonderful room, which is, of course, what makes it so believable.

The room is built on an MDF base.  Sylvia used to buy furniture but now makes most of it.  She has good online skills too, having printed black work, flooring, marble and tapestry.  As a true miniaturist she utilises acrylic paint and plenty of lolly sticks, coffee stirrers and so on.  I never met a miniaturist who thought anything other than that the best price is free.

The wood panelling was a problem until Sylvia decided to paint MDF walls brown and use coffee stirrers as panels.  She visited bathroom showrooms online to find marble to print for the washstand, though she isn’t sure if there were Tudor washstands or not.  I think if it’s your work of art all such decisions are up to the artist.

Sylvia 2

Sylvia turned a bed base she already had into a four poster and decorated it with die cuts.  She made the hangings from her fabric stash using a fuse wire needle she made herself for the sewing. The tapestry is a photo, printed on to velvet paper, then distressed with a wire brush.

sylvia 3

Sylvia makes mice, with sewed, glued and beaded clothing.  Elizamouse the First is wearing a lace ruff.  Other items were purchased online or magicked from the stash.

The room is impressive and made without a trip to a miniatures shop, craft fair or any such outing.  In this respect it is true lockdown art.  It is approximately twelfth scale, though Sylvia makes to fit the latest mouse, which is very mice of her, I am sure they are all happy.

sylvia 4

How lovely to be a little Tudor mouse with your very own room.  How nice to be the kind of person who produces a work of art in a time of difficulty.

If you are one of us and would like to send me a photo of your art to inspire us all, I’ll get back to you, if you write in English.  I am not clever on a computer and can not get those translation programmes to work for me.  Fortunately we all speak art and in times of trouble we can be at home, working away but together online, inspiring each other.  Sylvia says she doesn’t aim for perfection but just enjoys the making, which sounds to me like a pretty good benchmark. was eleven years old last month, created by request for miniaturists, artists and collectors.  Join in, there’s no judgement here, we just enjoy the making.


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