Beautifully articulate, articulated beautifully.

There are never any adverts on this site, unless they are interviews with artists, or something I think you’ll enjoy.  I don’t share content generated by other people, this site is original me.  However, breaking my own rules, this link is to the John Lewis Christmas advert, which I think is art, I hope you agree.  If you are reading this outside the UK, John Lewis is a department store.  We have a tradition in the UK of large department stores and high street chains broadcasting specially made Christmas adverts.  This didn’t happen much last year as we all scraped along the bottom in the pandemic, for which reason spending a lot of money to make something as lovely as this is a real act of faith in the future.

The reason I’ve copied the link (by hand, if you’re looking for technical efficiency, you’re on the wrong site) that John Lewis emailed me, rather than just suggesting you search, is that this contains wonderful content about the making of this little masterpiece,  the effort, the actors, the music and performers.

It makes me cry each time I watch it.  So many of us, who were not able to spend last Christmas with people we love, have lost friends and family to the pandemic, or simply were robbed of chances to spend time with those who are no longer here.  I count the little cat who died as family, I could have seen her last Christmas but couldn’t go because of the travel restrictions and by the time we could go, she had gone.

Great art has the ability to evoke emotion, it tells a truth about the world and our place in it.

John Lewis asked for feedback, I wrote utterly beautiful, beautifully uttered.  It is.


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