Many dolls.

Doll dressing continues apace.  Well, I say apace.  I find whatever I’m doing with dolls, though I would like to do it all day from 7 till 11, I can’t.  It’s a very concentrated effort that is required with dolls this small.  Whether sewing with tiny stitches or rubbing down, after a couple of hours the work begins to go off a bit.  If it’s porcelain I start to break it, if I’m sewing the stitches become gigantic.  Gigantic here meaning over 1mm.  Neat is 0.5mm, sloppy is 1.5mm.  Now that I have had my cataracts done I can see every last mm and I don’t think mmmm, I think ‘pull out and start again’.

Despite the mandatory breaks, a doll a day gets dressed.  Here are some.

P3080087 (2)

I wasn’t going to stop and photograph but I had a request from Andy Hopwood, show organiser, so I did.

There is also this one

P3080074 (2)

and that’s it for now.  There are plenty more dolls, but not plenty of photographed dolls.  By the show there will be heaps.  It looks as if I may have reached the magical number of a thousand items all hand made by me to put on my table.  If you’d like to see for yourself what a thousand things made by one person looks like, I’ll see you here

in a bit less than a fortnight.


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