Midweek Miniatura Autumn 2010 two.

The first and most important news is that the latest newsletter is now published on the Miniatura website.  This contains details of all that is hottest and must-see at the show.

Readers of this column are already one step ahead; last week you met Kathy Brindle, coming from Australia, this week I’m happy to be able to show you the work of her exhibition partner, Lidi Stroud, who is also flying all the way from Australia.

birdcage 4

No, not on a bird.  Lidi is coming across the sea

Pile of lobster pots

on a lobster?

No, absolute basket case though she obviously is, Lidi will be arriving by plane from a small costal town in New South Wales called Nambucca Heads. Lidi, who was born in Thailand and educated in Tiverton, Devon, blames her basketry on teacher friend Helen who made her do it full-size properly first.  Lidi miniaturised all she learned; as you can see she learned a lot.

Photo 2 picnic baskets 5 

Look for Lidi and Kathy on a stand called Nambucca’s little shoppe.

I’m only going to show you dolls from one doll maker this time but they are very good ones.  These are the latest and greatest from Mary Williams dollshouse dolls.

MinTissot Blue3 Min Witch2 Min Steampunk

They are a mini Tissot, in blue, or perhaps bleu, a wonderful witch and a steampunk lady, steampunk being the latest craze to grab doll collectors.  It’s a sort of vintage updated and distressed and very fetching it is too.  If you can’t wait till the show you can see what else Mary is up to at www.dollshousedolls.co.uk

A great concern for all enthusiasts, and a subject that has had me tearing my hair out in several houses, is the lighting question.  A dolls’ house, it has to be said, is basically a series of small boxes containing even smaller items; being able to see them is fairly central to the hobby.  Shining light on the subject is a new remote control system from Malcolm’s Miniatures.


What a fantastic bit of kit!  The basic unit has 20 channels expandable to 60 and incorporates a flickering light feature.  Now you can show visitors round your house with a fully justified taa daa!  Ooh, it’ll be like Blackpool illuminations, only, all yours.  Whilst at Malcolm’s stand don’t miss the lovely new 24th scale Agas available in cream, red, green. white and blue.  If you’re a 48th scale builder, you’ll be pleased to hear Malcolm also has 48th scale impress moulds for brick and stone courses and paving stones.

1_24 Aga

Last for this preview are some dolls house residents in the form of poseable furry bears from Josephine Parnell, who must be the most accomplished bears-as-people artist in the miniverse.

Come up and see me Darlink Military Officers

These twelfth scale lovelies are Come up and see me some time, darlink and some military gentlemen.

Josephine is so skilled she can do it in 24th scale too; here are her Edwardian family in mini mini, very Upstairs Downstairs.

24th Edwardian

That’s all for this visit; next week we’ll be catching up with some Mags-nificent grub and this show’s mystery object.

The show is at the NEC on the 2nd and 3rd of October, if waiting is turning you into a basket case too, further details as always on the Miniatura website.





Photo 11

JaneLaverick.com – small and still slightly sane.


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