Spring Min.


Greetings miniaturist!  I know you know what this picture is all about.  The 24th scale articulated porcelain aunties are all top left and the children are in rows below.  I may be getting better at this after only thirty years of practising, there are more children than ever before.  It’s not surprising it’s taken me a while, they are less than one and three quarter inches tall, or 43mm. depending what language you are reading in, and ten pieces of porcelain.

See how I have separated the fairies in the round box?  It takes an afternoon of going through all the parts to match up every joint.  What did I do after measuring a child so I could boast about it?  I put the box of children on top of the box of sorted fairies, knocking them over so all the parts rolled into one heap.  So you know what I’ll be doing this afternoon.  Serves me right for showing off.

It is six weeks to the Min.  I will be there, I am happy to say.  A letter from the hospital indicates the scan has found no evidence of hernias, instead I have something called diverification of the recti, medical speak for tears in my stomach muscles.  This is not surprising, I have been surgically plumbed nine times in the stomach and am considering having a revolving door fitted.  So I can rehabilitate myself with exercise, to which remedy I am no stranger.

I now have eleven articulated 24th scale children to dress, if you are going to the Min and are looking to rehome a child, please make your dressing requests known by emailing me by clicking on the button below.  There is no obligation, if you are mad for Regency children, someone else will be too.  There will be plenty of fairies once I have disentangled their legs and there will be glass eyed twelfth scale too, pictures later.

It is the Min, it is in six weeks, I will be there, all is right with my world.


We’ll see you soon!


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