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What a joy it is to be working for the show.  It is also wonderful to have a room to do it in.  Last night I left my table like this


which I could not have done when I was working on the dining table. Several days of work have yielded 31 twenty fourth scale dolls, here they are


You can see by the seven inch or eighteen centimetres ruler the sort of size they are. They look as if they have threads sprouting from their heads.  This is the resin elastic which is used to string them.  The next job, having left the elastic overnight in case anyone went floppy and needed tightening, is to cut it down and fit pates to close the holes in the head.

Incidentally the purple back ground is a Pergamano Parchment craft embossing mat.  This is very helpful for small parts, one side has a texture and is better at keeping tiny beads (which are in the heads) from rolling off the table than any beading implement I have discovered.  As I used to make jewellery, I have discovered quite a few.

Please do email dressing requests, if you are going to the show, by clicking on the leave a comment button below.



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