Upcoming radio silence.

There is going to be a bit of upcoming radio silence.  You can tell because it’s in the title.

The grandson is coming to stay on his own for a little while. The duration of the visit is up to him.  His parents will deliver him and when he wants to go home he will say so and we will take him.

How the interim will pan out and for how long, I will let you know in time.

I currently think it is a very good idea for children to stay with grandparents away from home as part of their developmental skills set and a confidence builder generally.

If I still hold these views after the visit, I will let you know.

A trip to the castle is on the cards, it’s a very good castle.

Everything else we will decide when we decide it.  What we decide I will let you know.

It is a little more difficult when grandparents live far away.  I never stayed with my far away grandparents, who were very strange.

We might be very strange.  I will let you know.

I do know I loved staying with my grandmother in the same town, a few streets away.  I stayed on a Saturday night and we went to church on Sunday.  She was very good at keeping children entertained with the simplest of things.  Flour and water glue for scrapbooks.  Walking in step and then suddenly breaking step to make you laugh.  Telling stories of her childhood.  I found a boxed set of Little House on the Prairie that I gave her and I read with her Lark Rise to Candleford because they were the era in which she grew up.  Her aunties had massive bustles under long dark dresses, she wore a white pinafore.  Every little thing about her childhood fascinated me.  She was a very good grandmother.

Will I be as good?  I will let you know.

Right now the kiln is on.  Will I be delighted to return to quietly doing porcelain in a few days?

I will let you know.

The only circumstance in which I will not let you know is if I am too knackered to tell you.  In which case you can email me to see if I have survived, and I’ll let you know.


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